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Regardless of the relative isolation and lack of connection in communication between the investigated territories and other regions, change penetrated even this area and was reflected not only in daily life but also in the adoption of new, or abandoned old, pieces of dress for practical or functional reasons.Some dress pieces, particularly from the older costume at end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, are recognisable in the dress of Montenegro, Herzegovina and early Bosnia from where the greater number of the inhabitants originate.Characteristic features of Serbian dress include opanci, footwear dating back to antiquity.Traditional Serbian female dress consists of opanci, embroidered woolen socks that reached to the knees and nazuvice.After World War I, the so-called Sumadija costume (anterija, fermen) became the national costume of this region.The facts indicate that this national costume, in villages of the Ivanjica region, had practically disappeared in the nineties of the 20th century, “Old” dress disappeared under the pressure of industrial, uncontrolled production.

Under the influence of the mentioned factors certain common wearing elements within the wider cultural and geographic zones were created, such as Central-Balkan, Pannonian, Dinaric and Adriatic zones with their own particularities. As part of a cultural zone with Romania, the attire has likeness to those in adjacent Romanian provinces.Nonetheless, the costumes are still a pinnacle part of Serbian folk culture and, fitting with the attempts to preserve this folk culture, it was not uncommon to see rural women in traditional working costumes all the way until the end of President Josip Broz Tito's term.Today, these traditional costumes are only worn by some elderly in rural areas, on national holidays, and as part of celebrations, tourist attractions, and in museums.In medieval times, rulers, the nobility and senior churchmen brought many of their fabrics from the Republic of Ragusa.The most common fabric for ordinary Serbs was sclavina or schiavina, a coarse woollen fabric.

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